1. Whitening (bleaching the individual colour of the teeth or the whole mouth).
  2. Aesthetic Dentistry (change of teeth shape, fillings with the latest aesthetic material).
  3. Veneers and crowns of pure ceramic (direct adhesion, different techniques of ceramic crowns).
  4. Full and partial prosthesis.
  5. Prosthesis without zirconium metal and ceramic with cerec system.
  6. Cosmetic laser gum surgery (changes in dark coloration and shape of teeth).
  7. Orthodontics for adults and children (teeth position correction).
  8. Professional dental cleaning (intense cleaning with teeth grinding).

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Veneers Lumineers

With Lumineers veneers offer change your smile permanently without punctures, or use the turbine to abrade the tooth, in just two visits, the effect is very durable, produces no sensitivity, no need for interim, and is also completely reversible. With this treatment we can:

Whiten stained teeth

Align crowded teeth

Uneven teeth match

Lengthen short teeth and close spaces


Revitalize old crowns or bridges


Fix chipped teeth

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