Due to its high level of quality of care, you can join a leisure time to a first class medical treatment. This is a proven fact with the increasing number of patients in northern and central Europe, which are treated with highest quality and safety in our islands, now come from Eastern Europe.

In our case we visit throughout year to benefit from a holiday in a sun and beach destination and dental treatment performed with significant discounts to their countries of origin without diminishing the quality of the treatments.
Currently many patients around the world who choose to complement your beach vacation or golf and cultural deals with dental treatments.


Tenerife has become a major destination for health tourism

Quality Dental Centers offers patients Canary national and international tour packages with which you can enjoy a few days of rest or sport combining them with comprehensive dental treatments (implants, smile design etc., …)

We can offer their patients a wide range of hotels, golf, spa, conscious sedation dental treatments … and endless variations to make your trip as customized depending on your needs.

Dr. José María Montesdeoca

Medical director

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