Orthodontics is the branch of dentistry that specializes in getting a good occlusion of the upper dental arch with the lowest dental arch, in addition to giving aesthetics to the smile and functionality to jaw movements.

Orthodontics uses braces to move teeth, and these are nowadays highly variable, depending on the tooth alteration to be treated.


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More about Orthodontics

Types of Orthodontics

Thus, we have the traditional brackets with different prescriptions depending on the case.

Tip-Edge brackets

There are also Tip-Edge brackets. This is a highly effective technique for crowded teeth, canines retained in the palate, patients with protruding upper teeth and no space, limit cases of extractions.,…

Damon brackets

The novelty in this sector in recent times are the Damon brackets. The peculiarity of these brackets is that they offer no friction to the arch that moves or directs teeth, hence their movement will be more physiological and harmonious. In addition to expediting treatments, it is the most often used technique at present.

Invisible orthodontics

Also, and for those who demand more aesthetic treatments, there is the invisible orthodontics. The Invisalign is an appliance that consists of sequenced splints manufactured in the United states which have information to move teeth gradually as in the conventional technique.

Lingual orthodontics

For those who have not yet found a satisfying appliance, the market introduces a new version of lingual orthodontics. They are brackets specially designed for each patient, completely individualized and low profiled, to reduce lingual rubbing at its maximum. Their time for action is similar to conventional orthodontics.

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