In our center we can make the appropriate treatment to harvest their stem cells from extracted teeth. Cells are used to generate tissues during development and regeneration of tissues that are sick or injured after the birth.


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More about Stem Cells

How is it obtained?

  • Are obtained from blood, bone marrow, liver, kidney, cornea, dental pulp teeth and third molars (wisdom teeth), umbilical cord, brain, skin, muscle, salivary glands. They are multipotent, many cells but not become any cell type.
  • The stem cells from baby teeth and wisdom teeth have proven easier to reproduce. Are mesenchymal cells that can serve to form many body organs and treat diseases such as Parkinson, Alzheimer, reproduce muscle and bone, treat some diseases of the heart and heart valves to create replacement. It also helps stabilize the immune system.

The importance of storage

The importance of storage is that already has a cell expansion which is characterized in most cells obtained from a culture obtained on the day the amount of cryopreservation, in this case it is not sufficient when a transplant decides, depending on the patient’s weight and the advancement of the disease being treated.

Cell therapy and tissue regeneration by stem cells are the main axes of development of XXI century medicine. The European regulatory authority encourages and framed these developments and innovations through new regulations and committees.

Future advantages

Our future and our children can advance it, and to guarantee a source of health, since we have:

  • The opportunity to preserve valuable biological material that would otherwise be destroyed.
  • Availability at any time of the cells, provided by your doctor.
  • Trusting the biological material under contract to a European bank cryo-recognized certificate, solvent and sustainable.
  • Ensuring a laboratory committed to the development, equipped with cutting-edge equipment and patented processes and exclusive technology.
  • Participate actively in the development and application of personal medicine, preventive and regenerative.

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